Bicentennial City

Production Assistant/Cinematographer/Co-Editor


A portrait of untold stories from Philadelphia and the celebration of America’s 200th birthday party in 1976. This essay film “Bicentennial City” captures the voices behind the years of planning that led to events for, ultimately, two million visitors. The film spotlights the city as a dynamic place of unrecognized communal activity like the Save Chinatown Movement, the Vendor Wars, and the tremendous hub of creativity at Philadelphia International Records with a focus on session drummer Earl Young who invented the Disco beat.

Directed by Thomas Devaney, Matthew Suib, and Aaron Igler with Hilary Brashear, Julia Coletti, Jixin Jia, Edward Ogborn, Cole Sansom, and Grace Sue. Produced by the Summer DocuLabs Program, a joint initiatiive of the Hurford Center for the Arts and Humanities and VCAM at Haverford College.

Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer, Haverford Magazine.

*This video is a teaser. To watch the full movie, please contact me via email to request a private link. 



Mutimedia Exhibition|2019|USA,TURKEY

This exhibition is a work of collaboration by Jixin Jia and Bilge Yilmaz. The two were located in Turkey and the U.S.A. Through email and Whatsapp, they were able to work together on a photography collage and two video installations. The exhibit explores how seperation in time and space create new forms of non-verbal conversation, and how “distance” is re-introduced into our lives when the “information superhighway” becomes ubiquitous in our daily lives in the age globalization. 

Created by Jixin Jia and Bilge Yilmaz. Curated by Courtney Carter.

Featured in Haverblog.

A Take Away Show


Music video|7min|2019|USA

Official music video for Tendertwin’s Single, Bright (to be released, 2021). Shot in Elfreth’s Alley, Philadelphia.

Lingua Franca



A mockumentary that mimics and transforms the style of traditional ethnographic films. It explores manipulations of languages in documentary filmmaking, cross-cultural encounter as well as colonial gaze.

Directed by Jixin Jia and Emily Hsu.

Tri-Co Film Festival 2019 Finalist.




A intimate portrait of a young woman from Czech Republic and her state of alienation and displacement in the United States. Shot in Magic Gardens, Philadelphia.

Directed by Jixin Jia and Grace Sue.

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